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A company introduces itself!     CHEMISCHE INDUSTRIE ERLANGEN GmbH (CHING) has been family-owned since 1927. CHING is a medium-sized company and  manufactures coating materials for corrosion protection and industrial coatings. As you can see from the list of approvals, our  products meet the highest standards.  Over the last years, our main effort has been to develop low-emission, eco-friendly coating materials that satisfy present-day  requirements in terms of cost-efficiency, environmental compatibility and aesthetic aspects.  In cooperation with our industrial partners, we have succeeded in developing cost-efficient, state-of-the art solutions to nearly all  corrosion protection issues.  Our modern, medium-solid and high-solid products as well as read lead substitutes, PVC and tarry coatings, including various water-  based systems for steel and zinc, are applied in different areas, e.g.:    chemical industry electricity industry steel and machine construction transformer and radiator industry   We are a highly specialised manufacturer of coating materials, in particular of selected products for the transformer industry. All  relevant transformer manufacturers have successfully used our water-based products and conventional materials in this sector for  several decades. Both site-specific solutions and detailed solutions are our strength - for all climatic zones. Solvent-based and water-based inside  coating solutions for transformer tanks, for instance, have been applied successfully for many years. Coatings for areas which are  difficult to access, such as radiator inside coatings or laminated core plates of dry-type transformers, are implemented by means of  optimum coating qualities also for application methods in the manufacturers' plants due to short cycle times.  Colour shades can be produced in virtually all RAL or design colour groups by means of special barrier iron mica pigments.  Thanks to our know-how in 1-component and 2-component water-based coatings, we have become a leading manufacturer in the  world approved by renowned global corporations and utilities.  We are glad to present you the special coating materials and application methods for the transformer and radiator sector and assist  you with testing and introducing our products.  Please contact our headquarters in Erlangen and our technical consultants to learn more.