We operate on the principle of: Responsible Care is a worldwide, voluntary initiative developed by the chemical industry for the chemical industry. It defines the chemical  industry’s commitment to act with due care in the interest of people and the environment. The member companies commit themselves to  continual improvement in all aspects of environmental protection, occupational health and safety, plant security, product responsibility,  logistics and to openness in communication with their neighbours and the public - in addition to of legal provisions that might exist. After all  Responsible Care is not actually a program. Rather, it integrates all activities that contribute to making the development, production and  marketing of chemicals safer and environmentally sounder under the roof of one “brand”. The program The basic concept of Responsible Care was first conceived at the end of the eighties in the Unites States and Canada. The first German  Responsible Care program was adopted in 1991 by the VCI (German chemical industries association). 42 countries have since joined in with their own programs through their national chemical industries associations. The international chemical  industries associations ICCA reports on these activities in regular intervals. At present, 800 chemical enterprises are participating each year  in the annual report of the VCI on the German Responsible Care activities. These companies make out 80% of the turnover and the  employees of the chemical industry. The principles of Responsible Care: 1. The chemical industry regards the safety and protection of people and the environment as a fundamental concern. Therefore, the company executives have to establish a set of guiding principles concerning environmental protection. It has to be checked regularly that these guidelines meet new requirements. Furthermore, measures have to be introduced to efficiently translate these guidelines into corporate practice.   2. The chemical industry promotes their employees’ sense of responsibility for the environment and increases their awareness for possible environmental impact through products and production facilities.   3. The chemical industry takes questions and concerns from the public regarding their products and corporate activities seriously and treats them openly.   4. The chemical industry continuously minimizes the hazards and risk involved in production, storage, transport, sales, application, recycling and disposal of its products to protect its employees, neighbours, customers and consumers. The aspects of health, security and environment are considered already during the development of new products and production methods.   5. The chemical industry provides their customers appropriate information on how to safely transport, store, use, recycle and dispose of the products.   6. The chemical industry continuously expands their knowledge about possible impacts of products and production methods and residue on people and the environment.   7. Despite their economic interests, the chemical industry will limit or stop marketing or production of products if a risk analysis shows that this is necessary to protect people and the environment. The public will be informed in detail of any such event.   8. If hazards that have an impact on people’s health or the environment caused by operation, the chemical industry will immediately initiate the required actions, act in close coordination with the authorities and inform the public.   9. The chemical industry actively contributes their know-how and experiences with the aim to develop practical and efficient laws, provisions and standards to ensure the protection of people and the environment.   10. The chemical industry promotes the principles and the implementation of Responsible Care. This involves the open exchange of findings and experiences with those who are interested in and concerned by these matters.
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